July 26th

The “bashing” was all in a good cause! They weren’t just bashing anything! Staffordshire Wildlife Trust (SWT) advised the Canal Trust that bracken can be controlled by successive bashing. What can be better for 8 year olds than to give them a stick and say “bash”!

But that’s not all! All three sections of Yoxall scout Group (ie Beavers, Cubs and Scouts) have done great work on the Lichfield Canal route this summer. There are now a number of bug hotels at Darnford Park, habitat piles for beasties at Darnford Moors, bee scrapes dug and bird boxes and bat boxes installed at Darnford Park and Summerhill and the invasive bracken at Summerhill has been thoroughly bashed by Cubs with long sticks.

With less obvious environmental objectives, the young people have also enthusiastically done litter picking and sorting of engineering bricks.

In May, June and July LHCRT has been delighted to embark on what it hopes to be a long term relationship with Yoxall Scout Group: their work is vital to the Trust’s environmental objectives; the Trust hopes that these young people will have learnt more about wildlife and will have enjoyed putting The Scout Association’s relevant objectives into practice.

In addition we have also been helped by Beavers 3rd & 4th May in Darnford Park; Cubs on 6th & 9th June at  Darnford Moors and all 3 sections at Summerhill on 26 June. The Scouts are due to help us again in September.

LHCRT not only wants to thank the young people, but also their leaders and their parents for making all this possible and for ensuring that the youngsters get to our sites, learn new skills, and work safely.

Christine Bull

LHCRT  News  July  2016

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Yoxall Scouts Group

Bugs, beasties, bees, birds, bats, bricks and bashing!

Above - Yoxall Scouts in Darnford Park  on June 6th

Photos: Christine Bull

Yoxall Scouts in Darnford Park  on June 9th

Photos: Christine Bull

Yoxall Scouts at Summerhill  on June 26th

Photos: Christine Bull

Yoxall Scouts at Summerhill  on July 24th

The scouts and their adults sorted bricks for us. They sorted out hundreds of bricks and stacked them neatly on pallets to be used in future construction work.

Photos:  Dora Hancock