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Lock 25 bywash
Through the summer weeks, good progress has been made in building up the circular drop shaft for the bywash outlet. Interesting detail has been incorporated to make it a distinctive feature of this canal in future. A footpath around it to the best disability access standard will cross a small bridge over the spillway. Passers by ask if we are building a wishing well which could be a novel funding opportunity!

Constructing the distinctive drop shaft for Lichfield Canal Lock 25 bywash, August 2009

It is unfortunate that due to business commitments, the annual visit by the volunteer workforce under the Jaguar Land Rover Corporate Citizenship Scheme could not take place this year. However, thanks to JCB for the loan of a demonstration excavator whilst we look for a replacement, our own team redoubled its efforts to lay a concrete base for the spillway and reduce a quantity of stone blocks to manageable proportions to construct containment walls in dressed masonry. The next step will be to build the top weir off pound 25 which will probably take till the new year to complete.

Enquiries are being made as to the possibility of a temporary diversion of some water from the “big pipe” in the bed of the canal to artificially water the new bywash in the short term as an attractive feature and a foretaste of how it will function when the canal is fully restored.

Bob Williams, Project Co-ordinator

Barry and Brian building the Lock 25 bywash outlet
15th April 2009
Part of w.r.g. North West team explore foundation to Lock 25 bywash inlet
2nd May 2009

Part of w.r.g. North West team help build the base to Lock 25 bywash outlet
3rd May 2009
Brian Davis completes the Lock 25 bywash outlet
31st May 2009

Waterway Recovery Group trainees on the Lichfield Canal site
13th June 2009
Heads down on details of Lock 25 bywash outlet drop shaft
5th July 2009
(Photos by Bob Williams)

LATEST UPDATE - December 2009

Lock 25 bywash and spillway
The circular drop shaft is now complete, and brick foundation walls for the bridge over the spillway have been added. Quotations for the steel bridge and railings for around the drop shaft are now under consideration and an order for this work should be placed in the New Year. The stone walls each side of the spillway are now well under way, and the laborious task of cutting up the large stone blocks into suitable sizes for building continues. Using this stone has created a lot of extra work, but as it was donated and even delivered free, it will make a considerable saving over the cost of the nine thousand bricks which would have been required if we had not had the stone. We hope to complete these walls within the next few weeks, and then work will begin on building the new weir for pound 25.

Estimating completion dates for these projects can be something of a gamble, as it depends on the weather at this time of the year, and even more importantly the size of the workforce. We have a great little team of regulars who turn up every week even in wet or very cold weather, and this team, along with the WRG visits is what keeps the work ticking over throughout the year. Obviously when working on a project like this spillway, there is not room for a large labour force, but a few extra hands to help in keeping the site and yard buildings tidy, and handing tools and materials to the bricklayers can speed up the job considerably. When we have a large labour intensive task, such as mixing and laying large areas of concrete, we put out an email appeal for extra workers, which usually brings a good response. Thank you all for that.

Brian Davis


16 May 2010: The small but willing Hatherton work party enjoying the sunshine at lunch time.
It was good to see Denis back again after his recent spell in hospital.
(Photo by Barry Kenn)

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