April 13th

Shoppers at the Waitrose store in Lichfield will be familiar with the “green token” Community Matters scheme to vote for a donation to their favoured charity. Each month, each Waitrose store donates £1,000 to local good causes, divided between three organisations, determined by the number of tokens in the collection.

Thanks to support from shoppers, the Lichfield & Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust has been awarded £530 from the March collection. In receiving a cheque from the store organiser Sarah Fry, Trust Chairman David Dixon said “We are very grateful to Waitrose for this helpful donation which is the third time from this source in recent years. It is good to know that so many of the shoppers support restoration of the nearby Lichfield Canal in this way”.

LHCRT  News  April  2016

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Waitrose Community Matters Award

Trust Chairman David Dixon receives a cheque for £530 from Waitrose store organiser Sarah Fry