A simple guide to finding LHCRT on Social Media


Facebook is a free website that allows  users to keep in touch with friends, family and like-minded peple. Join our group to take part in discussions or just to keep up to date.


Our Facebook Page is more like a website with information on events, news, announcements, photos, online sales and more.


LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented service.
Use Linkedin to offer your expertise or to find out you can help.


Twitter is basically a series of short announcements. You choose to 'follow' certain people or groups  such as  LHCRT then you receive updates immediately.


Youtube is a video sharing website. Although LHCRT periodically post videos on other social media, YouTube keeps it all in one place - the LHCRT Channel.


Instagram enables its users to take pictures and videos, and share them either publicly or privately. The Trust shares photo albums this way.

Facing up to Social Media

By Christine Howles, LHCRT Communications Manager

Over the last year or so the canal Trust has been raising it’s profile on social media. We have created a new Facebook Page, our Facebook Group goes from strength to strength and we are also on Twitter and Instagram and Google+.

Some of you may already be amongst the 1.4 billion people across the world who use Facebook each month. For those of you who wonder what all the fuss is about I will try to clarify some of the mystery and dispel some misconceptions.

Here’s a simple guide to what Facebook does. There are four main things to know about Facebook:

  • Personal profiles - This is your own profile where you can post things about yourself; comments, photos or videos. If you become a “friend” with someone else, then you’ll be able to see their profile too and their comments, photos and videos. As a general rule, if you’re set up right, you’ll only be letting your friends see your profile, so you’re in control of your profile.

  • Pages - Pages are for organisations, companies or public figures and they’re a bit like a shop window or a mini website. A page can have text updates, photos, videos and events – you can also send private message to the page. Anyone can see a page (even if you haven’t got a Facebook account) and anyone can comment or like the page’s updates. But the way to make sure you don’t miss anything is to “like” the page, that way you’ll receive an update whenever there’s an update on the page. LHCRT has a page which anyone can view.

  • Groups - A group is a place within Facebook for discussion and sharing photos. You have to join a group to be able to chat and you can’t see groups unless you’ve got a Facebook account. LHCRT has a group which you can join once you have a Facebook account.

  • News feed - This is your personal list of updates from anyone you are friends with, any pages that you’ve “liked” and any groups you’re a member of. Facebook does something clever and pulls all the updates from all of these into one place so you can see them easily. From here you can “like” (give the thumbs up) or comment on any update.

A lot of people worry about Facebook – particularly about giving their personal details. Well the good news is there’s no need to worry. When you join, the only information you need to give is your email address, name and date of birth. You can fill in lots more information about yourself but that’s optional. Any information you do give, can be locked down using your privacy settings so that no-one can see it.