Lichfield & Hatherton Canal Restoration Trust

LHCRT  Working Party Blog   June 2016

Tamworth Road  May 25th to June 5th.

Another two weeks have passed and it seems like it was only yesterday.

The previous blog reported on the removal of the 'Big Pipe'  The euphoria of that event is now past and this time I can only come back to reporting on less momentous events. However, with the pipe now removed from the scene,it is apparent how much work there is still to be done to achieve the target of watering pound 27, if only as far as the winding hole, before the end of the year.

We have made a good start on concreting the base of the canal from both the lock end and the weir end. Even oil leak problems with the concrete mixer have not held up our endeavours.

Work on the Concrete Canvas on the left hand bank has paused whilst we sort out a few minor technical problems with the grouting. We hope to restart work on this feature next week.

It's that time of the year.  The weeds and grassed areas are growing rapidly.  Cutting the grass, fishing blanket weed out of lock 26 and spraying agricultural strength weed killer in the winding hole have all reduced the number of volunteers available to forward the work of preparing the canal for re-watering.

On a different subject altogether, I would like to ask any of the Trusts members whom may walk down the heritage footpath passed our  site to keep their eyes open to intruders, thought to be schoolboys, who are using our 'canteen' area as a drug taking /smoking area, lighting fires and generally trashing the place. The police know of the problem but any help in finding out who is responsible would be appreciated.

A very good turnout over this period by the volunteers,  thanks to you all.

Hours worked  300.

Hugh Millington

Photos by Paul Marshall

Tamworth Road  June 8th to June 18th.

Sorry this episode of my blog is a tad late.

I also thought I was going to have to say sorry for this blog becoming a boring repetition of previous blogs. With the weather being exceedingly wet at  times it makes concreting more of a labour of love than a pleasure.

And then it occurred to me that, in fact, this blog covers one of the most pleasant days at the canal I can recall during the three years or so that I have been involved.

It was of course the visit by David Suchet, our Vice President, to the site on Friday 10th June.  We managed to rearrange our Thursday work party to the next day.  The weather this day was was fine and sunny.  David Suchet came on site just short of eleven am.  He spent a good hour with us chatting and photo taking.  He said he was most impressed with the progress since he was last on a canal visit some ten years previously.

Since that visit, Concrete Canvas laying and concreting the base of the canal seem much less of a chore. On the Monday preceding this blog period  we had a long awaited visit from the E.A. with regard to a disputed impounding licence.  The outcome of which was that they required water flow readings from the outflow of the remaining big pipe.  This required us to erect an access bridge across the top end of lock 25.  Our Sunday volunteers did this, demonstrating their skill in scaffolding.

Again my thanks to all who have helped these last two weeks.  However we are still short of men on Thursdays and at the week ends, so if you can boys......?

Hours worked this period: 307

Hugh Millington

Photos: June 22nd, by Margaret Beardsmore LRPS
( unless otherwise stated). Used with permission.

David Suchet and the team.  Photo by Stefan Szulc.