LHCRT  Working Party Blog   January 2016

Lichfield & Hatherton Canal Restoration Trust

Photos  Christine Howles

January 10th  2016

Back again after the Christmas break!

A few more inches round the waist, a reluctance to get stuck in, but at least we made it into the next year.

A bit of a slow start, plenty of volunteers but short of materials that didn't arrive till luncheon time.

However thanks to a great turnout of bods another section of concrete got laid even though the lads worked till it was dark.

Saturday became a hostage to the weather.  I thought that Sunday would likewise be a 'write-off' because of the really heavy cloud-burst on Saturday evening. But in the event working conditions turned out to be not too bad.

We laid more concrete and started to prepare yet another section for the coming week.

Progress was also made on the historic lock 24 bywash.

Hours donated by volunteers this week:   120

Hugh Millington

Elsewhere at Tamworth Road there are signs that spring is not far away.

January 25th  2016

This report covers the last two weeks.  The weather hasn't been in our favour over this period, with copious amounts of rain, mainly at the weekends, meaning several days work were lost.  Luckily both Wednesdays were quite pleasant.

However it wasn't only the weather that caused us problems.  The dumper truck decided to throw a wobbly and it destroyed one of it's many universal joints (U/Js),  Several difficulties arose in the sourcing and fitting of the replacement part meant that the dumper truck was out of commission for the best part of ten days.  It is now repaired and back in service.  Not only were we without a dumper truck but arrangement had been made for our larger digger to be serviced and a small repair carried out so we were without that too.

As earlier mentioned both Wednesdays were quite good working days,  a very good turnout of volunteers meant that, with the dumper out of action, the workforce caught up on many of those housekeeping jobs that tend to be pushed into the background.  The middle shed was cleared out and room has been found for the delivery of the 'Concrete Blanket' lining material that will be used to line the  left bank of the canal. Old timber was burnt, Plant and rubbish from around the site entrance were cleared and many more useful jobs were performed. And the work force even found time to extend their 'canteen' area to overcome an overcrowding situation at lunch time.  You can tell were their priorities are.

Now we are back to a degree of normality and  this weekend gone we were able to resume our seemingly endless task of laying concrete to the base of the canal.  However all is not rosy, with all the rain the mud is now making it very difficult to get around the site.  We are having to use the mud road across the top of the left hand canal bank and it now almost impossible get through.  If only the 'big pipe' was not in the way we could be going down the already laid concrete.  So much easier and quicker.  Time I think for a re-think.

As usual, my thanks to all who have given us of their time.

Hours worked over this period:  248

Hugh Millington

Photos Christine Howles