Lichfield & Hatherton Canal Restoration Trust

Two weeks to February 14th  2016

During this period the majority of our labours have been involved in either preparing and laying concrete down by the weir or establishing a proper track  along the top of the canal bank on the Tamworth Road side.

Down by the weir we were struggling to find stable subsoil on to which we could lay the concrete.  A few dry days would have made all the difference, but no such luck.  However we did manage to extend the area already laid and just past the weir we have reach the limit of the concreted base. There is still more to do, soon we will have been done all we can until the 'big pipe' is removed.

The other major job was to establish a firm durable track from our compound down to the winding hole along the top of the earth bank.  At the same time dressing the top of this bank to an even height in preparation for the laying of the Concrete Blanket.  Great progress has been made on this job and as I write this blog we must now be 80% of the way.  This roadway is essential for future access and to allow clay to be delivered to the winding hole.

Meanwhile the historic bywash at pound 24 is nearing completion  with the brickwork all but finished.  The actual weir has yet to be installed and the base re-bricked.

My thanks to all our volunteers for their attendance. May I take this opportunity to remind every one that we now work Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and Thursdays so please come along.

Hours worked over these two weeks: 273

Hugh Millington

Photos Christine Howles

February 1st  2016

Over the last few weeks, even months, there has been a growing suggestion that to ease the situation that occurs on most Wednesdays, namely, more volunteers than can be found meaningful work for, for us to add an additional work day to our Tamworth Road operations. To do this there was a need to find volunteers who would be prepared to take responsibility for the regular opening and closing of the site and also act as team leaders.

We now have two such volunteers, and I can announce that from now on we will be including Thursdays as part of our regular work party days. Tony Cadwallader will be there this Thursday, two other members have already agreed to join him and I hope others will as well. I hope that this will improve our chances of re-watering pound 27 this year!

We also have another volunteer, Tony Gardner who has volunteered to take over the task of overseeing our operations at Tamworth Road on the Saturdays and let Bob Williams free to carry out some of his many other functions within the LHCRT. Please give support to these men, and my thanks to them.

At Tamworth Road we have now only one digger again. The smaller one of the two has gone to Summerhill to progress the reinstatement of the towpath. It again puts us at a disadvantage, we would still like the use of a second digger. However, one has to work with the equipment we have and we will be watching closely the towpath progress at Summerhill and snitch the digger back if there isn't any.

The Tamworth Road work party blog which was weekly is now to be fortnightly.

Hugh Millington

Photos Christine Howles

Two weeks to February 29th  2016

It is deeply satisfying to return after a 10 day holiday in the sun to find that the lads have achieved so much.

My thanks to all, who over the period covered in this blog, turned out and got stuck in.

Particularly to the two Tonys. Tony Cadwallader, who was commandeered by the tree felling brigade for two days to cut down numerous trees in Darnford Park. This is in preparation for the construction of the noise barrier bank alongside the A38.  He put in extra time at Tamworth Road as well.

Tony Gardner who over-saw numerous material deliveries and the extra hours he put in to keep the site ticking over. During this period, as before mentioned, lots of forestry work was done. Trees felled and mulched.  The trunks cut to lengths and assembled into environmentally friendly structures.  Over at Tamworth Road great progress was made with the continuing construction of the roadway along the top of the left hand canal bank which is nearing completion. And at last, this Sunday just gone we were able to lay another sizable area of concrete in spite of a weather forecast of severe frost. The only disappointment being that yet again there is no sign of progress on the 'big pipe' issue.

Can I take this opportunity to remind volunteers that we are trying to establish work parties at Tamworth Road on a regular Thursday basis as well as the established Wednesday, Saturday and Sundays  The thinking behind this is that on some Wednesdays we have an excess of volunteers over available equipment and jobs. And that by spreading the workload over the two days would alleviate this problem.  

Read about Darnford Park forrestry day here


Hugh Millington

Photos Christine Howles

LHCRT  Working Party Blog   February 2016