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Journeys on the BCN "The Wyrley Route"
DVD by Laurence Hogg Productions

Our journey begins at Anglesey Basin at the top of the BCN.
Here are still to be found useable coal loading chutes which in 1999 were used for a re-enactment of a coal run using an ex-Ernest Thomas tug and 3 open joey boats. We witness the loading and follow the train for some distance observing a spectacle few will see again and bringing home the fact that perhaps there is a method of transport that has been forgotten about.

We return to Pelsall and join working boat "Barnet" on the Cannock Extension Canal, before looking at the approach of the Wyrley and Essington Canal via Walsall locks.

En route we observe the many disused arms and through archive photographs we remember the commercial days of this route.Once again Geo projects superb maps accurately portray our location.

A detailed look is taken at the lost Bentley Canal, which today would have been such an asset if only it had been retained.

The journey continues beyond Wolverhampton to the Bratch pumping station on the Staffs and Worcs Canal, a destination for many coal boats from the BCN in times past.

Running time: 58 minutes.

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