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In 2009, Lichfield & Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust commissioned engineering consultants Atkins Limited to produce a Feasibility Study of the Lichfield Canal. Its positive findings prove its viability, subject to the usual land use, water supply, engineering and environmental detail that need to be approved at various progressive stages.

Atkins propose that the restoration be undertaken in five phases from Huddlesford Junction through 30 locks as in the past to the summit at Ogley Junction with interim water input. This will bring early economic benefits by re-connecting Lichfield to the national inland waterway system.

Phase 1 focuses on the section up to Darnford Lane, being the pound above Lock 30, estimated to cost around £2million.

Darnford Lift Bridge (Photo by Bobbie Battisson)

Cappers Bridge (Photo by Harry Arnold)

Restoration of the Lichfield & Hatherton Canals was brought into sharp focus when navigable crossings had to be funded during construction of the M6 Toll motorway. Private and institutional donors generated match funding for a European grant which included Cappers Bridge. Other income enabled a navigable culvert to be built under the new Birmingham Road roundabout in Lichfield. These and other works amount to a £3.5million investment.

Now is the time to capitalise on those achievements by implementing the first of five phases as proposed by Atkins for restoring the Lichfield Canal.

(indicative view)
For the full Lichfield Canal Feasibility Study

“In times of economic restraint, it is easy to sit back and do nothing. Atkins have done a superb job in proving the feasibility of restoring the Lichfield Canal and advising on the best way to achieve it. The cost will be high if it is all done professionally, but there is a strong volunteer element among canal enthusiasts who can work wonders on cost saving. Thirty locks have thirty pounds, so I pledge to continue my support to get the most from this Thirty Pound Appeal”.

David Suchet, OBE
Vice-President, LHCRT
July 2009

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David Suchet has been a keen user of inland waterways for many years and strongly supports the determined efforts being made to fully restore the Lichfield and Hatherton Canals.
He says: “I am delighted to lead this further and innovative initiative by the Trust to raise funds towards getting the Lichfield Canal reopened. It looks like we are printing our own bank notes but only real money pays the bills! Make a donation of any amount to get a receipt on one of my ‘£30 bank notes’.”

                                                                                                David Suchet
                                                                                                Hon. Vice President
                                                                                                July 2009

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