Summerhil Rediscovered

More planting at Summerhill this December gave Hilary Smith cause to reflect on 12 months progress

The importance of canals, and our restoration in particular, as a valuable environmental resource has been well documented. So it may have seemed in February, when our work parties could be found “slashing and burning” at Summerhill, that we were destroying valuable habitat, but by March we were injecting new life into the area by planting 800 hedging  plants, including 100 oak trees.

Fast forward to December and more remarkable replanting of the site has been undertaken by the Green and Ground teams. 420 small trees donated to us by the Woodland Trust and 1000 mixed hedging plants purchased by the Trust were used to plant new hedgerows and fill-in the newly cut and laid hedge.  The effects of the uncharacteristically warm weather were noticed with the late flowering of plants and the well grown daffodils.

For the record we planted

Our thanks go to all our green team volunteers who have this year planted  over 2,200 trees which is a massive achievement and clearly has made a great improvement to the environment along the Lichfield Canal.

*Bobbie’s Bend is a memorial to long time Trust supporter Bobbie Battisson

Environment Matters   2015  Issue 6

Lichfield & Hatherton Canal Restoration Trust

1st January 2015

Overgrown Hawthorn hedge

Newly laid and planted hedge

White Campion

White Dead Nettle

Transplanted daffodils

21st February 2015

Our first Towpath cyclist

A work in progress…

You’re never too young to be a volunteer

Heavy rain gives an idea how the canal will look one day.

Canes and protective wraps may not be pretty but are essential

1st March 2015

20th December 2015

Photos by Hilary Smith, Christine Howles and Peter Buck

‘Bobbie’s Bend’ is an area at Tamworth Road planted in memory of long-time supporter Bobbie Battisson.
Bobbie loved blue flowers, so we have planted lavender, forget-me-not flowers and native English bluebells in addition to some Dogwood, Rowan trees, a plum tree  and a copper beech as well as a number of Spring flowering bulbs. We have planted a mixed willow hedge at the back, which as it grows we intend weaving the new growth to form a decorative living screen to the rear of the seating area.

We have also placed large masonry blocks from the original locks which we found buried in the canal channel. These blocks form a vandal proof seat and resting area for the weary walkers to rest, contemplate the world and admire the pound 27 canal scape which the volunteers are creating in front of Bobbie’s Bend.