IWA Restoration Award

January 23rd 2015

The Trust has been awarded £410 from the IWA Waterways Restoration Raffle.

IWA's Waterways Restoration Raffle took place from 1st August, 2014 to 12th January, 2015. The raffle aimed to raise at least £10,000 to benefit 54 waterway restoration projects across the country but succeeded in raising over £13,277.

Each person that purchased a ticket was able to nominate their preferred restoration society on the ticket stub. The number of nominations a society received determined the amount of the raffle's profit they were given at the end of the raffle.

A big thank you to all our supporters which put us in 9th. place out of the 54 nominations.

For more information see Waterways Restoration Raffle on the IWA website.

Lichfield & Hatherton Canal Restoration Trust

LHCRT  News  January  2015