Obituary - Ian Humphries

We are very sorry to have to inform you about the death of Ian Humphries, who was a close friend of ours, and a hard-working member of L.H.C.R.T's Marketing Group.

We first became aware that Ian was not very well at the Wychnor Rally over the August Bank Holiday, and he sadly passed away on the 21st November 2002.

Many members who have called at our Marketing Stand will have met Ian, either selling 'White Elephants' or trying to recruit new members. What most people will not have noticed is that Ian was usually there at the beginning and end of each day, putting up and taking down gazebos; lugging out stock from cars, and generally doing all the hard work which needs doing, but is neither glamorous, nor gains any public recognition.

He gave his time and energy willingly, with a smile and without a 'wrong word' to any one. We will never be able to put up a gazebo again without thinking of him - truly a 'gentle man'.

Our thoughts and sympathy go to his wife, Trish, and daughters Kathryn and Jayne.

Derek and Margaret Beardsmore

Ian Humphries, seen here at the L&H stand at the NIA Show in 2001

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