March 11th to April 11th.

This last month has seen some remarkable progress down at Tamworth Road mostly  down in Pound 25. Progress on the canal beyond the narrows by the A51 has been, and still is, blighted by water in the base of the canal which refuses to dry up.

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Feb 18th - March 10th.

Although a lot of hours of work have been put in at the Tamworth Road site over this period, there is little to report in the way of progress. It is a case of ongoing work rather than goals achieved. The wet weather is still causing us problems...

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 Feb 22nd - Darnford Park

This Wednesday Tom Hogan brought his tree chipper to Darnford Park again and with a large enthusiastic group of our volunteers set about reducing the brash from earlier forestry clearance work to wood chips.

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Jan 15th to Feb 17th

I have been on holiday for ten days at the beginning of February, getting some much needed winter sun. So this report is basically in two halves, before and during this holiday period, and I'm sorry it's late.

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January 1st - 15th

The Festive Season is now well over and drifting into the distant past. We've had a long break from working on the canal, (those of us who usually work down at Tamworth Road any way, 

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The A51 approach has become a 'no go' area, a sea of mud. However, to keep the job going we have had to do some serious 'mud wallowing'.

See also The Grounds and Green Team Autumn Report.

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The big news of this blog is that the missing sections of the penstock  have been replaced.  

+ Green Team and Corporate volunteers at Summerhill 

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Darnford Park, the penstock, and cutting up the Big Pipe sections.

+ Darnford Park Training Day
+ Summerhill Progress Report

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At last we have completed the concrete reinforcing half way up the left hand canal bank batter, which is lined with Concrete Canvas.

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The top story of this blog has got to be the working of the clay in the winding hole.  A 13 tonne JCB digger had been offered to us on free loan for a long weekend.

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And that finishes the base.  There is still a lot of concreting to do in reinforcing the canal  bank batter.  But although time consuming this is not such a slog that the canal base proved to be.

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