Lichfield & Hatherton Canal Restoration Trust

Our Community Award application has been approved

    Please vote for us in the One Family Foundation Community Awards!

What we want to do:

The Lichfield Canal Community Narrowboat

If we win, we will be able to buy a narrowboat for use by youth groups, schools and other organisations. The local community can spend time on the canals, including the Lichfield Canal once restored, experiencing the history and geography of the canal networks, observing wildlife, undertaking environmental projects and gaining skills skippering and crewing the boat.

The Lichfield Canal Community Narrowboat will:

the winner is decided by community vote so we need to get as many people as possible to vote for us.    

An application by the Trust for an award to fund a community-based project has been approved. The awards are made by the OneFamily Foundation.

The Community Awards will be distributed during 2 rounds.  In total there will be 8 awards of £25,000 and 31 awards of £5,000. Customers can nominate a project for a Community Award, and approved projects will be voted for by members of the public. The projects with the most votes will be awarded the funding.

Read more about the OneFamily Foundation here.

…and about our application here

‘One Family’ Community Award  - an update

Voting has now closed in the One Family Community Awards. The total votes received for our application was just 143.

Votes are still being verified but the winner is likely to have around 2000 votes.

Comments could be left on our application page, one was very negative -  “…The trust is short of volunteers to work on main projects and this seems a unnecessary deviation of available manpower…”

while others were very supportive  -  “Our Restoration Trust has found our boat has attracted new volunteers and increased interest in the Trust. Our boat gives us a useful income stream too. Good luck Lichfield and Hatherton.”

A disappointing result but it was useful exercise and lessons have been learnt for any future applications.

1st. October

3rd November

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