July 18th

The Trust occasionally benefits from corporate volunteering days where a group of work colleagues  undertake a task usually very different from their normal daily activities. It is a big help to us and it benefits the team undertaking it by boosting individual and team development.

We recently had a 40-strong team from E.ON Energy UK join us to help build the towpath at Summerhill as part of their Community Challenge.

E.ON’s head of assets, Mary Jackson, who was one of those who got stuck in as a volunteer, said “We set ourselves a challenging task, and in order to complete it, colleagues based in different offices had to come together for a day and use skills not often seen in our day jobs”

Peter Buck Engineering Director for the Lichfield & Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust had this to say:

“In our 30 years operation of the Trust, this EON community challenge group is one of the largest corporate volunteer groups we have seen on the Lichfield Canal.  It was brilliant to see and our most successful corporate day of volunteering to date on this Summerhill Section. We here at the Lichfield & Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust hugely appreciate the hard work the volunteers from E.ON put in over the course of the day”

“The hard work and man hours E.ON volunteers donated will greatly benefit the local community as their work has helped to restore an important part of the Lichfield Canal  Heritage Towpath Trail , which local people will be able to enjoy once the full 1km Summerhill Towpath Section is complete. The great work by the many E.ON volunteers has put us well on our way”.

LHCRT  News  July  2016

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E.ON Community Challenge

Photos courtesy of E.ON.

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