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David Suchet opened the show and attracted a huge audience:

3000 raised in 3 days

David Suchet Appeal reaches 140,000 for the Churchbridge Crossings on the Hatherton Canal

David Suchet spent a whole day at the show and devoted all his energies to the Lichfield & Hatherton cause. Accompanied by his wife Sheila, they personally carried buckets around the show, encouraging the public to donate money to his appeal to finance the canal crossings for the BNRR.

During the afternoon he joined us on our stand and signed photographs and chatted to the many fans who had come to meet him, raising 500 in a couple of hours.

As usual many people wanted to know what the situation is as regards the BNRR. The latest news we were able to give them was not good. Having had many discussions with CAMBBA, the consortium of road building contractors, we had believed that an agreement had been reached in principle as regards building and financing the required two culverts at Churchbridge. However, after consultations with MEL, CAMBBA have now informed us that they require us to pay an extra half million pounds to cover them against "possible risks and delays to contract". Some of us already feel that it is an injustice that we are expected to pay for the motorway crossings. We are doubly offended and outraged that they now require us to find another 500,000.00 in voluntary contributions and donations to cover CAMBBA's "possible delays". Negotiations are continuing.

David Suchet arriving at the show by launch.

The crowds have turned out to welcome David Suchet.

Surrounded by press and other photographers, David makes his way into the show.
(Yes, he is wearing a Lichfield and Hatherton T-shirt)
For details of how to purchase our T-shirts click here to go to the Sales Page

David joins us on our stand to sign photographs in return for donations to the David Suchet Appeal.

David Suchet delights the fans and charms everyone with his friendly manner.

Never mind how long the queue is, David chats with every one of his fans.

Being filmed is a way of life for our hero.

David Suchet chatting with Chris Coburn. Laurence Hogg, Mick Brown and Rob Davies are in the background.

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