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Minutes of the 22nd Annual General Meeting of Lichfield & Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust Ltd.
held at Park View Centre, Chester Road North, Brownhills at 7.15 p.m. on 15th June 2012


45 Members were present as follows:-
Directors   Brian Kingshott (Chairman), David Dixon, Bob Williams, Sue Williams, Trevor Morris, Bob Mullarkey, Peter Buck, Geoff Crook,
President   Eric Wood
Patrons   Michael Fabricant MP, Chris Coburn MBE
Other Members   Doreen Wood, Stefan Szulc, David Moore, Michael Brown, Hilary Smith, George Simonczyk,
Denis & Carole Cooper, Mike & Penny Smith, Jeanne Buck, June Crook, Barry Kenn, Brian Davis,
Barry & Ann Parkes, Clive Hensman, Joe Farren, Laurence Hogg, Peter & Mavis Butler, Stephen Mills,
Glenys & Colin Riggs, Derek Richards, Anthony Brookes, Ken Sheppard, John Jevons,
Frank & Joy Weetman, Margaret Guest,
Joanna Richmond (Ashtree Boat Club), Peter Smith (Ashtree Boat Club)
Guest Speaker   John Dodwell, Transition Trustee, Canal & River Trust
Non-members   Tony Harvey (Head of Regeneration Midlands for British Waterways)
Staffs County Cllr Patrick Corfield (Cannock Chase - Cannock Town Centre)

Apologies had been received from David Suchet CBE and Mrs Sheila Suchet, Dr David Fletcher CBE, Mike & Bobbie Battisson, Peter & Pat Magee, Vaughan Welch, Mervyn & Pat Ainge, Mavis Moore, Rob & Helen Davies, Paul & Beverley Marshall, May Brown, Alison Kingshott, Pat Barton, Chris Osborn, Douglas Birch MBE

The minutes of the 21st Annual General Meeting held on 17th June 2011 had been circulated and were taken as read. Approval of the minutes was proposed by Eric Wood, seconded by Mike Smith and approved by a show of hands from the floor.

Matters Arising

Directors’ Report
The Director’s Report for 2011 was read out by Secretary Sue Williams. Acceptance was proposed by Michael Fabricant MP, seconded by Derek Richards and approved by a show of hands from the floor. A copy of the transcript can be found on the Trust website. Printed copies are available on request.

Treasurer’s Report and Presentation of Accounts for the y/e 31st December 2011
Extracts from the draft accounts had been published in the members’ magazine “Cut Both Ways” issue 71 which was sent to all members prior to the meeting. Copies had been circulated at the meeting and Finance Director Bob Williams gave a verbal résumé of the accounts, highlighting significant items. As ever, the accounts do not cover unpaid time, office work and efforts given by Directors, Officers and volunteer workers which could well have doubled the financial turnover. A copy of the full transcript can be found on the Trust website. Printed copies are available on request.

Michael Fabricant MP asked whether the option of an electronic members’ magazine was available to save on postage costs. Bob Williams replied that this is offered in every issue, but Editor Stefan Szulc confirmed that so far only twelve members have taken it up.

The Trust’s records have again been examined and produced at a “community fee” by Dains LLP, Chartered Accountants (Lichfield), with supplementary examination of the Retail Trading Company accounts carried out free of charge by West, Chartered Accountants.

Adoption of the accounts was proposed by David Moore, seconded by Denis Cooper and carried unanimously. Chairman Brian Kingshott gave tribute to the exemplary work done by Bob Williams, echoed by President Eric Wood. Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2011 are on the Trust website and any member can obtain a printed copy free of charge on application to the Finance Director.

Chairman’s Report
Chairman Brian Kingshott read out his report for the year 2011 and a copy of the transcript can be found on the Trust website. Printed copies are available on request.

Election of Directors
In accordance with the Trust constitution David Dixon, Brian Kingshott, Peter Magee and Susan Williams were retiring as directors and offered themselves for re-election. Geoff Crook had been co-opted as a director during the year and was being nominated by the Council for election. Acceptance of all these nominations was approved by a show of hands from the floor. No other nominations had been received.

Appointment of Auditor
The re-appointment of Dains LLP as Auditors or Examiners as recommended by Bob Williams was proposed by Stephen Mills, seconded by Hilary Smith, and carried unanimously.

Any Other Business
Michael Fabricant MP commented on the cost of professional accountants’ fees for auditing the Trust accounts and wondered whether it might be possible to find someone who would do it without charge as a charitable donation. Bob Williams explained that the reduced fee of £700 was considered reasonable for the work involved in producing professional accounts.

Following the close of formal business John Dodwell gave a confident and reassuring analysis of the foreseeable future for the successor to British Waterways, the new Canal and River Trust. He also thanked the Chairman for his leadership and wished the Trust well for the future.

The President Eric Wood concluded the proceedings with a vote of thanks on behalf of the members to the Directors and Officers for their hard work over the past year.

Sue Williams

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