Lichfield & Hatherton Canal Restoration Trust

5th June 2015

The 25th AGM of the Trust was held at the Park View Centre in Brownhills and was possibly the best attended ever. Over 50 people attended including the officers, and there were several apologies.

Bob Williams presented the Treasurers Report and accounts for the year ending 31st. December 2014. A summary of accounts can be found in CBW magazine and the formal examined accounts produced by Danes can be viewed here.

Bob announced his intention to stand down at the 2016 AGM after 20 years of unparalleled service. This will leave an enormous hole in the Trust and it was suggested that two people are found asap to begin to take over as Treasurer and all the other roles that Bob fulfils.

Directors reports were presented, with Hilary Smith standing in for Mike Battisson.

Chairman Brian Kingshott paid tribute to the work of many people, including the directors and officers, and to the growing band of supporters who do not attend council meetings.


Brian also paid tribute to sadly departed members Trevor Morris, one of the oldest active members, and to Mervyn Ainge who had been working hard to build a computerised membership system. In the words, albeit in Latin, which can be found in St Paul’s Cathedral with reference to those who built it - “if you seek a memorial, look around you”.


Read the full Chairman’s Report for 2014 here

All the existing Directors were re-elected, with Godfrey Eland added as Membership Secretary.

The full list of officers can be found on our Contacts page.

25th Annual General Meeting

After refreshments came a very interesting talk on the Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal Trust presented by David Penny. Formed in 1983, this Trust adopts a very different approach by investing in assets which in turn create a revenue stream, such as a canalside pub and cottages. They work in conjunction with housing  developers and have a formidable legal team. Consequently although they have only restored about 10% of their canal so far they are now well placed to make a big advance in the future. Read more on the H & G Website

The meeting closed at 9:40.

Photos: Paul Marshall

David Penny of H & G Canal Trust

LHCRT  News  June 2015